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The following sections contain links to information of use to researchers and observers of Jovian decametric radiation.
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Ephemerides – if you're going to observe Jupiter, you better know where it is and when it's there

All plots below are based on the JPL DE431 & JUP310 planetary and satellite ephemerides.

Jupiter Availability Plots 2010 to 2060 - AJ4CO (Eastern USA)
Jupiter Availability Plots 2010 to 2060 - LWA1 (Western USA)

Jupiter Observing Seasons 2010 to 2060 (TXT)

Jupiter Elongation 2007-2054 (PDF)
Jupiter Elevation at Transit for 30° N 2007-2054 (PDF)
Jupiter D-sub-e 2007-2054 (PDF)
Jupiter Path Loss 2007-2054 (PDF)
Jupiter Multi-Plot 2007-2054 (PDF)
Jupiter Elevations at Transit for Northern Hemisphere Observers Looking South 2010–2040 (PDF)
Jupiter Elevations at Transit for Southern Hemisphere Observers Looking North 2010–2040 (PDF)

HORIZONS Web Interface - JPL
Sunrise & Sunset Times - US Naval Observatory


Terrestrial Observing Conditions - the ionosphere is a harsh mistress

GOES X-Ray Flux (current) - NOAA
GOES X-Ray Flux data archive - NOAA

US TEC map (current) - NOAA
US TEC data archive - NOAA

D-RAP map (current) - NOAA
D-RAP data archive - NOAA (hack the URL to access the most recent year)

Planetary K Index, 3-Day Plot (current) - NOAA
Planetary K Index, 3-Day Plots (archive) - NOAA

K Indices, 7-Day Plot (current) - NOAA

Solar Events (current day) - NOAA
Solar Events (archive, text format, 29 Jun 2015 to present) - NOAA
Solar Events (archive, g-zipped tarball format, 31 Jul 1996 to present) - NOAA

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) - Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE) - Data Access

Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC) - Royal Observatory of Belgium
Sunspot Index & Long Term Solar Observation (SILSO) - Royal Observatory of Belgium - News and information about the Sun-Earth environment

List of the Top 50 Solar X-ray Flares

CONUS lightning activity map (current) - Vaisala
Global lightning activity maps (current and historical) - Blitzortung

CONUS Weather Radar (current) - NCAR - VE3EN

Total solar eclipse of 21 Aug 2017 - Maps and information (NASA)
Eclipse path data (NASA)
Eclipse interactive map (EclipseWise)


Publications - material we've written to report our findings and to help others – but also so we don't forget what we've learned


Observation Reports and SUG Phase Plane Plots - some of the fruits of our labors

If you are not a Spectro Users Group contributor, please obtain permission from the author(s) before re-publishing this material.


Station Diagrams - smut for radio telescope engineers

AJ4CO (as of 16 Jan 2022)
Heliotown (as of 07 Feb 2017)
HNRAO (as of 01 Oct 2019)
K4LED (as of 01 Sep 2019)
LGM (as of 01 Dec 2019)
MTSU (as of 25 Mar 2017)
WCCRO (as of 10 Oct 2019)


Reference Material - good stuff that wasn't written with SUG in mind


Software- Files needed for using RSP, RSS, and some SDRs

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